Course Details:

This program is a study of Professional Makeup Artistry in 240 hours of both practical and theoretical studies leading to a final written and practical exam for industry standard certification. The focus of this program is beauty and special events makeup.

The successful graduate will be able to seek employment as a Professional Makeup Artist.

Admission Requirements:

  • Successful completion of British Columbia Grade 12 (or equivalent) or 19 years of age or older
  • Letter of Intent
  • Admissions interview
  • Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS 5.5 overall on the academic exam, TOEFL 46-59, or PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic exam) 42-50)
  • Government-issued photo ID (passport, drivers licence, or provincial ID card or equivalent)

Learning Objectives:

1. Project a positive attitude and a sense of personal integrity and self-confidence

2. Practice effective communication skills, visual poise, and proper grooming

3. Respect the need to deliver worthy service for value received in an client-contractor relationship

4. Perform beauty makeup techniques for various purposes and occasions

5. Perform the basic analytical skills to determine proper makeup and colour usage for the client’s overall image

6. Apply learned theory, technical information, and related matter to assure sound judgements, decisions, and procedures

At the end of this program, students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of makeup artistry in the beauty industry; including professional skills, trends, and methods for career development.

Methods of Evaluation

Students are assigned lesson studies and given a number of practical score sheets (rubrics) for program tasks development. Theory is evaluated after each unit of study. Practical are evaluated as completed through rubrics evaluation sheets, textbook procedures and performance standards established by industry standards competency. Students must maintain a standard of 70% and pass a final written and practical exam to meet the requirements for graduation. Students must makeup failed or missed tests and incomplete assignments.

Program Duration

240 hours = 20 hours per week for a total of 12 weeks (approximately 3 months) of in-class instruction. This program is considered full-time.

Professional Makeup Artistry – Level One

Course Outline

Day Subject Lesson
1 Kit introduction, sanitization, disinfection, sterilization, skin cleansing, preparation Kit introduction
Skin cleansing
Different stages of sanitization, bacteriology
2 Service set-up and procedure, introductory brush techniques How to set up your tools for makeup
Introduce brushes and their uses
Procedures of application
Colour wheel / colour choices (complimentary and opposite)
How to choose complimentary / enhancing colours for shadows, lip colours, etc.
Choosing palette colour selections (warm/cool)
3 Face shapes Different face shapes
Determining face shapes
4 Basic makeup
Different complexions and types of foundation (cream vs. powder)

Practice applying foundation


5 Face shapes Basic corrections/contouring
6 Contouring Contouring face shapes, chest, stomach
7 Eyebrow shaping Different types of eyebrows for different faces and occasions

Different colours and shapes, liquid eyeliner

Eyebrow cover-up using glue, concealer, foundation

8 Cheeks – day and evening looks Blush and contouring on different face shapes, appropriate colours

Day vs. evening

Adding shimmer to cheeks

9 Eye shapes, eyeliner, artificial lashes Review different eye shapes, appropriate  applications for each shape

Identify and correct eye makeup

Apply  band lashes and mascara

10 Basic day and evening makeup Day makeup- accentuating lips, eyes OR cheeks

Evening makeup- triadic application – accentuating two of lips and eyes, eyes and cheeks, cheeks and lips

11 Basic glamour makeup Difference between evening and glamour

Accentuating lips, eyes, and cheeks

Glitter, rhinestones, airbrushing

12 Lips Day, evening and glamour

Different colours for different skin types

Eyeliner, lipstick, gloss

Different shapes of lips

Corrective applications

13 Wedding foundations

Classic looks

Bridal makeup

Keeping the bride looking natural

Perfecting foundations for photography

14 Full Glamour Full face of glamour

Creative applications

15 Tinting Tinting eyebrows and eyelashes
16 Portfolio Development How to build a portfolio
17 Makeup for photo shoots Outdoor, indoor, video, stage makeup

Matte vs. shimmer

18 Client practice Client day – book clients for various applications
19 Product specialty

Techniques for film

Drag queen application

Contouring and highlighting focus

20 Special effects basics Zombie makeup

Scar applications

21 Practical Project and portfolio 
22 Practical Project and portfolio 
23 Practical Project and portfolio 
24 Practical Project and portfolio 
25 Practical Project and portfolio 
26 Practical Project and portfolio 
27 Practical Project and portfolio 
28 Practical Project and portfolio 
29 Practical Project and portfolio 
30 Final exam preparations

Critiquing your model

Makeup project due (portfolio) –

6 before and after photos:

Day, evening, glamour, bridal, era (ex.1960’s), fantasy

31 Final exam   Written exam

Practical exam (day, evening, glamour)


Allumni Speak:



Dietician at Nitson. I have done a course in human nutrition and dietician from Orane Immediately after my course completion Orane organised a placement drives and I got placed along with many more other students. Presently I am working with Nitson Chandigarh as a dietician I am very happy and thankful to Orane to provide me such a bright career.

Harjeet Kaur

Jhandu Singha

I always aspired to earn name and fame in my life so I happened to join Orane. I did the relevant beauty course from Orane and thereafter with my expertise became a trainer at Orane. Today I am getting an annual package of Rs. 2.50 lacs. Orane really helped me to visualize my dreams into reality.



Despite of working for many years in Canada I was not earning sufficiently. When I came to Punjab I heard about Orane and did a course of Hair and Beauty with Orane. Now I can earn up to Rs. 40,000 in one day at Canada. I thank Orane for filling my life with new confidence and hope.

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