Makeup Certification Courses

Are you passionate about makeup and beauty? Do you love trying new looks every time you get out? Have you ever contemplated a career in makeup? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Orane Beauty Institute’s Makeup Certification courses offer basic makeup classes for beginners to revolutionary Airbrush makeup, and professional makeup looks for makeup artists. At Orane, we have established expertise in transforming learners into skilled makeup artists.

Who should take benefit from makeup training courses?

This course is necessary for those who want to break into the makeup industry and want a creative boost to their career in the diverse world of fashion and beauty.

Different makeup courses cover various topics ranging from topics like foundation theory, color theory, makeup theory, color wheel, corrective makeup, eye makeup, eyelash application, red carpet look, media makeup look, fantasy, modern and Indian ethnic, bridal look, bronze tan look, and many others.

Besides the creative hand of makeup, makeup courses at Orane Beauty Institute also concentrate on making learners mindful of the significance of customer service, good hygiene, precautionary measures, and safety parameters.

What are the career opportunities for certified makeup artists?

The prime advantage of pursuing a makeup course is that it makes you skilled for life. The curriculum you have chosen will shape the future of your career. There are plenty of paths to pursue, such as starting one’s own parlor, or getting a job in a reputed salon, or become a fashion show stylist, platform artist, celebrity stylist, educator, etc.

The demand for makeup artists is huge today and it will continue to grow over the next years.

How long does it take to be a certified makeup artist?

You can enroll in the makeup course of your choice to become a certified makeup artist. A diploma in professional makeup is for two months, while a certificate in the art of makeup takes one month.
With the help of experienced faculty members, you will learn the latest makeup techniques and methodology. Join the nearest Orane Beauty Institute today and move toward a better future. Contact us for more information about the various makeup courses or Call us at +91-8872500500.