Certificate in 3D Nail Art

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  • OCQ54 – Level 2
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  • 15 Days

Course Detail

Those gloried nails are every fashionista’s secret wish that can be fulfilled not by any genie but a professional nail artist only. In the past decade, nail art has spread its wings in the beauty and glamour industry like no other dimension of fashion. A certificate course in 3D Nail Art needs you to invest just 15 days to become a nail artist. The field is booming and so is the demand for nail artists. However, there’s a huge gap in the requisite skillset and the available manpower. In close to two weeks’ time, you will gain complete product knowledge, manicure, characters and 2D as well as 3D nail art techniques.

During your Certificate in 3D Nail Art course at Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, you’ll learn how to use gems, rhinestones, petals, flowers, pearls, and various other adornments under the expert guidance of nail technicians. You’ll acquire the finesse and technical expertise of nail artists while practicing your craft everyday.

You’ll gain practical and theoretical knowledge on how to use acrylic extensions safely and in the most apt way.

Minimum Qualification:
Class 10th passed and above
Course Duration:
15 days
Course Contents:
1. Product Knowledge
2. Manicure
3. Characters
4. 2D Nail Art Technique
5. 3D Nail Art Technique
Career Opportunities:
Certificate in 3D Nail Art at Orane Beauty Institute opens the gates of a profession that is like no other. You’ll be able to secure job opportunities at top nail studios, beauty parlors and salons of the country. You may also open your own nail bar and start serving a clientele to establish yourself as a pro nail artist.
Best Suited For:
Certificate in 3D Nail Art is crafted for beauticians who want to expand their skillset with 2D and 3D nail artistry. New entrants who want to work in the beauty and wellness industry with hands-on proficiency in nail art can kickstart their career in just 15 days’ time.
How to get started?
You are just one-step away from becoming a pro in 3D Nail Art. Fill the Contact Us form below and let us call you back to get you started with Certificate in 3D Nail Art.