Cosmetology Courses

Cosmetology Courses To Explore Your Career As A Professional Cosmetologist

Cosmetologist is a beauty expert that enhances the cosmetic beauty of skin, hair, body and nails. At Orane Beauty Institute in Phagwara, Punjab, we offer various beginner and advanced level courses in cosmetology that can help you become a professional cosmetologist. Career opportunities for certified cosmetologists are always plentiful and you may choose to work […]

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International Beauty School in Dasuya

Best Way to Join International Beauty School

Are you looking for an International Beauty School in Dasuya? A beauty academy with International accreditations that can help you make your visa filing process easy as well as make you job-ready and employable in foreign countries. If yes, then your search ends at Orane Beauty Institute in Dasuya, Punjab. We are one of the […]

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Academy of Makeup Artist

How to Choose a Perfect Academy of Makeup Artist

Makeup is an art that enhances a woman’s beauty, and to look beautiful and diva-like is every woman’s secret desire. No wonder, makeup artists stay in high-demand throughout the year and have gala bookings when the wedding season kicks-off in India. However, to become a makeup artist that truly knows makeup artistry and stays up-to-date […]

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Beauty Parlour Diploma Course

Choose Beauty Parlour Diploma Course for a Beautiful Career

A career in the beauty and wellness industry is becoming the first-choice of millennials. The beauty industry is glamorous, beautiful and highly-rewarding. The profession gives a perfect canvas to beauticians to play around with their creativity and skills; while the jobs come with flexibility and financial freedom that no other industry can guarantee. At Orane […]

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Beauty and Makeup Courses Training

A better way to Understand the Beauty and Makeup Courses Training

Beauty and makeup courses have become one the most-sought after vocational and job-oriented courses in recent times. The single-most reason for the popularity of beauty and makeup courses in India is that they make you employable in a matter of just few months or even weeks. The beauty and wellness industry is high-paying and a […]

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Professional Spa

A Basic Guide for Professional Spa and Massage Courses

A relaxing body massage or rejuvenating spa can revive mood, boost immunity and lend that envious natural glow to the skin. No wonder life coaches across the globe suggest their clients to take a professional massage or spa at least once a week. With the rising health awareness and increasing interest in self-care; professional spa […]

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Advanced Hair Course

Advanced Hair Course – All About Hair Care

Life is a journey of continuous learning. Hair designing is a field in which new styles and product innovations are made every single day in some fashion corner of the world. As a hair designing expert or hairdressing enthusiast, an Advanced Diploma in Pro-Hair Designing or Advanced Hair Designing course can help you upgrade yourself […]

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How Can Makeup Transform You Into Stunning Beauty?

How Can Makeup Transform You Into Stunning Beauty?

Do you ever wonder how some women look no less than celebrity stars and ace beautiful looks every time they step out? Well, these women wear makeup to enhance their looks, to highlight their features and conceal the superficial flaws. While makeup done by a professional makeup artist is sure to grab you eyeballs, however, […]

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Semi-Permanent & Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent & Permanent Make-Up Can Save You Time & Effort

Technology has advanced at lightspeed in the past decade and the beauty industry has not been left untouched by global technical advancements. While there’s a vast line of cosmetic makeup products available for fashionistas to choose from, there are also cosmetic makeup procedures for those who love to look diva-like whether it’s day or night, […]

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Beauty Tips & Training at Orane

Beauty Tips & Training To Make You Look Younger and Professional

Do you ever wonder how some women defy ageing and look upbeat and well-maintained all the time? You must be thinking that it’s all the magic of frequent trips to the beauty salon or at least an hour of morning beauty regime, both of which looks impractical to you given your work schedule. Well, the […]

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