Beauty Academy

 Orane Beauty School is the Best beauty academy in The World


Orane International Beauty Institute always keeps working towards its mission of providing quality Education to the

needy persons. and all these efforts are bringing rewards Orane has been awarded from many titles

by different bodies.

Here is the list of some titles won by Orane International.

  1. Greatest Beauty Brand in Asia
  2. Fastest growing beauty School of Asia
  3. Best beauty School of India
  4. Best Beauty Education School in India
  5. Most recommended Beauty Academy in India
  6. Best International Hair and Beauty School in India.
  7. Best Global beauty School.
  8. Best Beauty Training School of Asia

Top 10 beauty academy, the largest network of beauty academy in India. Orane is the largest chain of Beauty institutes and academy in India. Orane is also spreading its reach in Global locations like Australia, Canada and USA.

Orane will soon open a chain of beauty salons in India.